Super Lemon 🍋 "T"

Product image 1A man sitting alone in chair wearing black t-shirt. The work KUSH in yellow appears on the front of his chest.
Product image 2Young woman holding skateboard leaning against a wall that is painted with an iconic image of Bob Marley smoking a joint. The young lady is wearing a white super lemon haze kush t-shirt.
Product image 3A Black man leans against a black wall. He is wearing a black tshirt with the word GOOD in yellow across his chest.
Product image 4A white t-shirt is hanging from a wire hanger. The work GOOD is across the chest. A small tag saying good kush dot co is sewn on the bottom left hem.
Product image 5Young Black woman is looking off in the distance. She wears a white t-shirt with the word KUSH across her chest. Her background is a red and gold wall mural.

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"When life gives you lemons... smoke some Super Lemon Haze."

This t-shirt reps a true powerhouse of the cannabis industry.  The Super Lemon Haze strain has won numerous SoCal Cannabis and Emerald Cup awards.  This citrus flavored sativa hybrid is perfectly depicted by our chunky font.  We embraced it's lemon tart candy flavor by using a tropical yellow color tone.  Our favorite version is the black "T" with the yellow KUSH lettering.  It's respectfully known as the "Wiz Khalifa".

Your purchase of this shirt donates $6 towards the Make Cannabis Legal Again campaign supporting the legalization of cannabis and the passing of criminal justice reform for marijuana offenders.

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